Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take for me to receive my order?
Standard shipping takes 3-6 business days, depending on where you are located. We have expedted shipping options available as well. You can view all of our shipping options here.

Which shipping provider do you use to ship orders?
We ship using US Postal Service, FedEx, DHL and UPS. Standard Shipping orders could use any of these. 3-Day, 2-Day, & Overnight orders are shipped via FedEx, DHL, or UPS only.

Men's Suits

What material are your Men's Suits made from?
Most of our men's suits are made from a premium poly-rayon blend material, in order to provide comfort and durability. For specific information, feel free to contact us.

Can I get the matching Shirt & Tie/Hanky for the Suit that I see in the picture?
You can choose the matching Dress Shirt color here. As for the tie, we cannot guarantee that particular style you see. You can indicate you would like a matching tie to complement your shirt and suit, and our fashion consultants will do their best to match it for you.

Do the bottom of the suit pants come tailored to my specific length?
No, the bottom of all of our suit pants come untailored, in order to allow the customer to get them custom tailored locally to your specific length, for a better fit.

Clergy Robes

What material are your Clergy Robes made from?
Our Clergy Robes are made from a poly-dacron blend material. This provides ultimate comfort and excellent durability.

Are the Clergy Robes lined inside?
Yes, all of our clergy robes have lining inside.

Are your Clergy Robes button-down or zipper front?
All of our cassocks are button-down. All of our pulpit robes with bell sleeves are zipper-front.

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